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Terms and Conditions


  1. The Palavra Viva Evangelization School offers scholarships to the candidates who pass the selection process.
  2. The selection process for obtaining a scholarship at the Palavra Viva Evangelization School consists of an Interview and Individual Follow-up.
  3.  To obtain a scholarship the candidate has to be approved in all the selection process stages as this is the only way to study at the Palavra Viva School.
  4. In case a person is not approved in one of the stages, the selection process will be terminated.
  5. To begin the selection process the candidate must be at least 17 years old.
    1. Candidates who are 17 years old can start the selection process with parental consent.
    2. The approved candidate can arrive at the Palavra Viva Evangelization School by the age of 18.
  6. To start with the selection process, the candidate must not be undergoing any vocational experience or be a current member of any Religious Institutions such as Seminaries, Congregations, New Communities, etc.


  1. The interview will be conducted by two members of the Palavra Viva Catholic Community.
  2. Interview results will be sent to the email address previously provided by the candidate at the time of filling the registration form.
  3.  After the interview, the approved candidates move on to the second stage, which consists of individual follow-up.
  4. The individual follow-up consists of a weekly meeting that will be held during 3 (three) months. The candidate will be contacted by two members of the Palavra Viva Catholic Community.
  5. During this Follow-up, conversations will be held with the goal of getting to know a little more about the candidate’s life (church life, work, study, family, relationships, etc.) and spiritual counseling, as well as orientations according to the Catholic Church’s directives and the internal regulations of the Palavra Viva School, where the candidate intends to enter.
  6. For a candidate to be approved, besides the evaluation criteria adopted by the Palavra Viva School, one needs to participate and correspond well to this stage of individual Follow-up.


  1. After successfully passing the selection process, the candidate will be informed of the result through the two members of the Palavra Viva Catholic Community who accompanied him during the second stage.
  2. The approved candidate will receive a full scholarship.
  3. The scholarship is for the period of one year and it covers four meals per day, lodging, and transportation to the missions.
  4. The scholarship does not include the following: the cost of school supplies, transportation from the city/country of origin to the location of the school or from the school to the city/country of origin of the candidate, as well as any eventual transfer. Such expenses must be borne by the approved candidate or his/her family members.
  5. To enroll, the approved candidate must provide:

    Three 3×4 recent photos, an original ID document (or passport for foreigners) and a copy, and payment of enrollment fees expenses. At the time of enrollment, the approved candidate has to sign School´s admission documentation.

  6. All the expenses made in the country of origin, like documents and traveling bills, are the responsibility of the approved candidate.
  7. Before starting the year of School, the approved candidate should solve all pending bank matters, unemployment insurance, university, medical or dental treatment, debts etc., to be fully available to develop activities during the school year.


  1. If the approved candidate does not adapt to the rules and/or the internal regulations of the Palavra Viva Evangelization School their permanence at the School may be interrupted, suspended or terminated at any time and by any of the parties without any burden, for this purpose, verbal or written communication, to be addressed by the interested party to the other, is sufficient.

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